Notable Pharma Trends for 2018

  • 01.20.18
  • Auspicate

2018 shows great promise for all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry—but especially for professionals involved in research and development, and commercial operations. On the horizon are advancements in technology and medicine that will undoubtedly enrich the lives of patients and medical professionals. These changes

Transitioning to a Patient Centric Model

  • 11.13.17
  • Auspicate

Transitioning to a Patient-Centric Model Whether top down or bottom-up, transition to the patient-centric model is an important and challenging move for pharma sales operations. Patient-centricity aims to improve outcomes for patients—not necessarily through more prescription sales, but through attention and by changing how

Connecting Real World Evidence to Pharma Commercial Operations

  • 10.02.17
  • Auspicate

                  How Real World Evidence Has the Potential to Impact Pharma Sales The current standard for improving patient outcomes in the healthcare industry is the use of randomized clinical trials (RCTs). While powerful in their ability

How AI and Machine Learning will enhance Pharma Business Outcomes

  • 06.26.17
  • Auspicate

AI and Machine Learning – The drug discovery challenge Bringing a new drug to market is a lengthy, inefficient, and expensive process that can take up to fifteen years at an average cost of $1 billion. Despite this rigorous process, less than one in