Management Team

Edwin D’cruz – Chief Architect

Edwin is the Chief Architect of the company and oversees technology operations of the organization. He is responsible for creating and implementing the organization’s vision and overall direction. Edwin provides direction for technology, product strategy and design. He is also involved in the areas of marketing and business development. Edwin is a 20 plus year veteran of the IT industry and has an extensive background in information management. He has helped develop the vision and strategy behind Auspicate’s product suite. His education is in Electronics Engineering and he has published several articles on Information Management and also authored a book on the subject. He has consulted extensively at Fortune 500 companies in various areas of information management, designing and developing information management systems.

Chris Sheikh – COO

Chris is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the company and is involved in the areas of marketing and sales operations, finance and human resources. He is responsible for strategic and resource planning and establishing operational processes. Ensure quality control of all company output as pertains to customer acquisition and delivery of services. He is responsible for ensuring that activities comply with organizational requirements for quality management, legal stipulations, and general duty of care. Chris is a 20 year industry veteran and has an extensive background in sales operations. He has managed major accounts and was responsible for over 5M in sales on one such account. He has a degree in finance and accounting from the institute of chartered accountants.

Bob Doomany – Senior VP Sales & Marketing

As Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Bob is responsible for the Sales and Marketing function and brings vast experience in leadership and sales. Bob also works with and partners with clients to devise solutions for the ever changing business landscape. Bob has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Analytics. He has held leadership positions in both large and small pharmaceutical companies. Bob has extensive experience and knowledge working with the various syndicated third party data sources that are utilized throughout the industry. He has provided support and solutions for various pharmaceutical manufacturers for both strategic as well as tactical issues. Bob has a bachelor degree in Marketing and Administration.

Dan LaRosa – VP Client Solutions

As Vice-President of Client Solutions, Dan is responsible for directing project development and implementation from initiation to delivery of the final product to the client.  He is the key liaison between the client, their needs and the development team.  Dan has over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of marketing, marketing research and business intelligence.  Working in both mid-sized and large pharmaceutical companies, he has held leadership positions in their analytics and forecasting groups as team leader and department head.  He has designed and implemented many projects to increase the efficiency of data analysis through automation and visualization.  Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and an MBA in marketing.